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December 31, 2009

SWISS-SYS is Thad Suits chess Pairings program – that makes the lives of TDs a lot easier.

SWISS-SYS is the best pairings program that I have found!  Terrific software – I was totally lost without it too.  About a month back my computer crashed – I got hit by a really bad virus – and I lost my copy of Swiss-Sys.  But just with an email to the ever helpful Thad Suits solved all of my problems and I am back in business running my own events.  I fully intend to upgrade my copy to the newest version available during 2010.

What do I use SWISS-SYS for?  I run tournaments at my chess clubs – to give my players some variety as opposed to always playing Ladder or practice games.  I also run USCF Swiss style chess tournaments and non-USCF events as well and this is by far the best software that I have found.

If you are looking to run some tournaments in 2010 then this is the software for you, hands down.

– Chess Coach Sean Tobin.