Hey, guess what! I just remembered my pass word! : )

With the passing of Fischer a lot of new information about Bobby has come to light. With several books on offer now as well as different documentaries there is a lot of different material out there to give one a perspective on Robert James Fischer’s final years.

What a waste… and it turns out in the end that he killed himself by refusing medical treatment for an ailment that he needn’t have died from in this day and age. Surely a sign of his mental incompetence and his stupidity. He would rave on and on about how he was a genius but who would let their own teeth rot out of their head, or not allow treatment for what ailed one’s own body? Bobby Fischer, that is who!

Mr Benson has offered up some interesting insights on Bobby Fischer and his photos will be a definitive record of Bobby at the height of his popularity. Fantastic photos!


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