Hello one and all!

I had been using another blog – my older one – as my main place to post as of recently.  Now that I am an official an Arizonian it is time to blog about chess – ONLY PRIMARILY ON THIS BLOG!  So from now this is the site that gets my fullest attentions.

I have had a very good Semester this year even with all of the distractions – of a personal nature.  Those are gone and over and I am free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Which it really turns out to be rather better “place” to be – at least for me.  Now I can focus on my chess – the teaching of it and playing of it!  Gone are the distractions of yesteryear.

This year witnessed the arrival of Coach Sean on the National scene with some of his best students – all of whom managed plus scores!  Making me quite proud of all of them but of course!  It has also come to pass that I can now play more chess – making it the focus I have always wanted it to be.  Traveling and chess playing will be my objective by 2012 – right now I have to work on becoming the best chess coach that I can be while building my future.

What went out in 2010?  My Aunt, whom I loved passed away.  Donna Carlson was a very big figure for me in my childhood and the way she was lost was a real tragedy.  I will always remember her.

My eight year relationship with Bree ended.  Gone are the illusions of yesterday and what remains is a foundation from which to build my future.  I really do look forward to this now… the stars are lining up for me!  I wish Bree all the best in her pursuit of happiness – long may she ride that train till the end of the line.

One of my best friends from Oregon – Jason Evers turns out not to really be named “Jason Evers” at all.  His real name is Doitchin Krasev!  We became really good friends – best friends in my book – about eight years ago and in all that time I never witnessed him do an unkind act unto anyone.  He would literally give you the shirt right off of his back if you needed it.  He is and shall always be my friend until such time as someone can make a solid case against him – in my estimation – as to why I should rethink this friendship.  This story is still evolving and as it does it seems to become more complex and more interesting.

Just when you think you know someone!  Just when I thought I knew the people around me… it turns out that one of them had assumed an identity for over eight years and had never been fully honest with me – shame on you Bree!  I have to say I trust Jason more than Bree these days as regards many things – at this point in time! : P  Of course that is just how “unusual” this year has been for me.   Jason is still my friend and I his.

This weekend it is time to go play in the AMATEUR WEST CHAMPIONSHIP being held in TUCSON ARIZONA.  So you can expect to see a full photo essay here on this blog – so stay tuned!  I also hope to post some excellent chess puzzles for everyone here as well!!


Make it a great weekend – Chess Coach Sean Tobin.


Banging off the rust from his chess game!


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