HERE COMES SPRING SEMESTER for 2010 – Ready or not!

I prefer to be ready!

As a Chess Coach I have to get ready for the start of every Semester – and this Semester I intend to do a lot with my students!  Some of my students have taken first place in various ASCF events and are looking to be on track for Nationals should they be allowed to play there.  Other students are ready to “promote” and have done very well competitively too.  One of my schools really did extremely well winning many team and individual trophies last Semester.  So I am very excited to see what we can achieve with our next edition of Chess Club at that school and I am very pumped about getting to work with all of my kiddos again.

Last night I spent about 6 hours sending out emails to various Parents and working on my other projects.  Earlier in the day I had a Chess at Lunch to do and then I had some errands to run so it was a fairly busy and productive day yesterday.  I am still way behind in getting my various projects done though!  Time to get some work done.

– Coach Sean.


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